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Day 5 ‘You’re the Best’ Nik Kershaw – Ei8ht

This is a round robin where people choose 5 meaningful songs posted 1 a day.

It goes like this….

Sue Vincent: music-that-means-something-day-1-leonard-cohen


Sally Cronin: music-that-means-something-challenge-day-1-younger-than-springtime-south-pacific/

who nominated me…  No link necessary. You’re reading it.

It’s a pleasure and an honour

And I really wouldn’t wanna get the words wrong

I could make it easy

With a poem or more a cheesy little love song

But I like to play it cool

I wouldn’t wanna look a fool

I wouldn’t wanna be a stalker or a freak

But we’ve got a situation that is quite unique


You’re the best

You’re the best

I confess it, I’m impressed

You’re amazing

You’re the wham

You’re the bam

You’re the thank-you and the man

You’re the cat’s meeow

You’re the best

Heaven’s sake

You’re the cherry on the cake

You’re amazing

You’re the knees of the bees

You’re the winner if you please

Take a bowowow


You’re funny and you’re shiny

And I’m loving every tiny thing about you

You’re beautiful and clever

And I wonder what I’d ever do without you

Don’t like to make a fuss

I wouldn’t wanna make you blush

I wouldn’t wanna have it going to your head

But it goes without saying that it must be said


Well, I like to play it down

I wouldn’t want to look a clown

I wouldn’t wanna be a nuisance or a pest

But I’ve absolutely gotta get it off my chest

I am blessed

You’re the best


I never like talking about myself, so why break the rule of a lifetime?

Even if this is not only a love song but THE LOVE SONG I would write if I could write love songs.

Nik Kershaw always had a way with words. This says everything… and more.

So despite the fact I… Don’t like to make a fuss. Wouldn’t wanna make you blush. Wouldn’t wanna have it going to your head, but it goes without saying that it must be said. You’re beautiful and clever and I wonder what I’d ever do without you.

I’m impressed.

I am blessed.

You’re the best!


‘Nuff said!

6 thoughts on “You’re the Best 5 of 5 Songs with Meaning

  1. Reply Robbie Cheadle Apr 18,2017 8:41 am

    Very nice post, Paul. Well done on your five days.

  2. Reply Shehanne Moore Apr 17,2017 2:20 pm

    Nik Kershaw? Oh yes. This is a great love song And it’s great the way you’ve chosen it. I don’t like talking about myself much out here either, but this challenge has led to a bit of spilling.

  3. Reply Sally Cronin Apr 15,2017 10:57 pm

    We missed he early Kershaw years because we were in the States and I only got to know his songs when we got back in 87.. I was familiar with Wouldn’t it be good and I won’t let the Sun go down on me.. but had not heard this one.. It is so simple it is brilliant.. I tend to tune out most of the lyrics today that seem to be all about twerking or getting in on in all its variations and this is a sweet and lovely tribute.. Great job on the five songs Paul.. you done good.. and delighted I nominated you.. hugs xx

    • Reply Paul Apr 15,2017 11:47 pm

      Sally glad you liked them and thank you for the nomination as I really enjoyed doing them. Off to get the email reply to you now. Love PX

      Ei8th is Kershaw’s latest and there are some knockout songs. It is like you said, his music is so easy… the type of easy when you get when you work really hard at something! Try STUFF definitely an anthem for the modern age! Fantastic! Stick it on your plastic. Never mind the debt your in!

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