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Day 4 ‘Visions of Angels’ Genesis – Trespass

This is a round robin where people choose 5 meaningful songs posted 1 a day.

It goes like this….

Sue Vincent: music-that-means-something-day-1-leonard-cohen


Sally Cronin: music-that-means-something-challenge-day-1-younger-than-springtime-south-pacific/

who nominated me…  No link necessary. You’re reading it.

Standing in a forest gazing at the sun

Looking at the trees but there’s not even one

See a rippling stream that smiles and then goes by

Run to feel its comfort but the water’s dry.


I see her face and run to take her hand

Why she’s never there I don’t still understand

The trumpets sound my whole world crumbles down


Visions of angels all around

dance in the sky

Leaving me here

forever goodbye.


As the leaves will crumble so will fall my love

for the fragile beauty of our lives must fade

Though I once remember echoes of my youth

now I sense no past, no love that ends in love


Take this dream the stars have filled with light

As the blossom glides like snowflakes from the trees

In vengeance to a god no-one can reach.


Ice is moving and world’s begun to freeze

see the sunlight stopped and deadened by the breeze

Minds are empty bodies move insensitive

some believe that when they die they really live


I believe there never is an end

God gave up this world its people long ago

Why she’s never there I still don’t understand


Despite the pedestrian start to the lyrics with the apocalyptic feeling of dread over woman (mother, goddess, bride) in a thinly disguised sexual wilderness (they were 22 give ‘em a break!) the song has some beautiful lines. The chorus still gives me the shivers.

I often find myself singing: Ice is moving and world’s begun to freeze/ See the sunlight stopped and deadened by the breeze. I remember walking home one bright winter’s day, thinking the sun no stronger than a light-bulb in the sky.

As the blossom glides like snowflakes from the trees. Once we had a snowfall in late May. The temperature dropped the breeze came, the cherry blossom drifted down, joined by fat soft snowflakes, silencing the world. Half an hour later it was gone. (For the fragile beauty of our lives must fade)

When writing Great Queen Maeve’s death scene in Finn Mac Cool I had the blossom line running through my head. Preparing herself as a sacrifice to save her land and adopted daughter, Maeve methodically applies make-up like a ritual mask or a suit of armour.


Finn Mac Cool Chapter 33

– – -Extract Start- – –

Maeve nursed the wee brown bottle. This was her first plan. And now, after the failure of Belfast, it was her last.

She struggled to remember the contents Fedelm rattled off: belladonna from nightshade and the witch flower aconite, deadly in all its parts, flowers, leaves, stem and root. There was scarlet cap and digitalis to give a final rush of strength before the strained heart gave out and capillaries burst in the brain. And there were other poisons to dull the pain; outer-world drugs, so rare, their properties were legendary.

Placing the bottle on the dressing table, Maeve looked at her reflection. The cancer had eaten so much she barely recognised herself. Her face was like a living skull wrapped in wax-paper skin. Skin so beautiful, so luminous, it was saintly.

Methodically, she began applying thick liquid pancake, taking particular care with the deep bruising under her eyes. Rouge came next, then bright blue eye shadow and lumpy mascara; so old she had to spit on it to get it on the brush. Carefully dabbing crimson lipstick with the edge of a towel, Maeve critically regarded the enamelled mask before tearing open the powder box. Loose powder fell like a drift of late snow or early cherry blossom as she dusted her face to mat the worst of the gloss.

‘You look like something made up by an undertaker,’ she muttered fiercely to her reflection. Feeling the tears start, she added sternly, ‘Don’t you dare! If you start blubbering now, you’ll look a right auld mess.’

Gingerly, she dabbed a twist of towel at the corner of each eye.

Although Maeve was glad Erin was not here to witness her deterioration, she wished she could see her daughter one last time. I love you, she mouthed to the thin air. Life was good giving her the daughter her body could not conceive.

Maeve often wished she could be more like Erin, always ready to have a go and damn the consequences. In that respect, Maeve felt like a fraud. People saw so much that simply was not there. She knew she was a good theorist, and obviously an inspiration to many, but daily management was beyond her. If the truth was known, it was a relief when Conor Mac Nessa locked her up.

There was a rap on the door. Talk of the devil and he’s sure to show, she thought.

– – -Extract End – – –

E-Book Cover: Finn Mac Cool

Finn Mac Cool E-book cover: Free Download

As the inventor of a pagan alternative to christianity.  A happy, easy religion tied to the great cycle of rebirth and the seasonal markers of ploughing, sowing, lambing and harvest; concentrating on the joy of life, celebrating belonging and jobs well done, Great Queen Maeve, had she been a Genesis fan, would have certainly agreed with the sentiments:

Some believe that when they die they really live

I believe there never is an end

God gave up this world its people long ago


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  1. Reply Sally Cronin Apr 15,2017 3:52 pm

    The lyrics actually show a great deal of maturity for 22 and Peter Gabriel was only about 20. He became my hero when he wrote Sledgehammer my theme song. Anyway my friend great choice and love the extract from Finn Mac Cool…very brave Maeve… we are waiting for our blossom to fall as we have some fairly breezy days and in fact when you go past the trees you come back into the house with a dusting of them. Brilliant as always…

    • Reply Paul Apr 15,2017 7:03 pm

      I can’t say too much Sally but there is an easter egg post on the way that you might enjoy. And thank you Love PaulXX

    • Reply Paul Apr 15,2017 7:10 pm

      You know what you are absolutely right Sally. I love the lyrics but thought other people might see them as a bit angsty youngster so I hedged my bets which you should never do. Lesson learned! I am going to stand my my convictions in future come hell or Helen!

  2. Reply Robbie Cheadle Apr 15,2017 1:53 pm

    Wonderful song choice, Paul. The extract was also most intriguing…

    • Reply Paul Apr 15,2017 7:04 pm

      Thanks Robbie I am glad you liked the extract. Did you get the message asking if you wanted me to nominate you?

      Love P X

  3. Reply Shehanne Moore Apr 15,2017 12:02 pm

    Paul, lovely, lovely. I did not know this one. SO thank you for introducing. I have an angel one in my set. Great minds eh! I love your extract. I feel I am right there and you end on the kind of note I adore. Nice use of a phrase we can all identify with. x

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