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Book Review:

The Writer and The Rake


Shehanne Moore


I can confirm Shehanne Moore is no Miss Barbara Cartland.

Now there is two ways you can take this news. If you are anything like me it will be with a lusty huzzah and an air punch. I was never one for simpering virgins and sex scenes discretely ending outside the bedroom door.

Shehanne Moore writes historical romance with a sci-fi twist that’s unapologetically smexy. For those who don’t know, smexy (her word, not mine) is a cross between smutty and sexy… raunchy romance in the raw… or is that with a roar? Cos, boy, does the gal deliver!

If you want a complex heroine, so feisty she could bitch slap you in a stand-up row, meet tough but vulnerable Brittany Carter – ‘brittle as porcelain and deadlier than shattered glass. An irresistible combination.’

If you like a ruggedly handsome man, oozing animal magnetism, you can’t go far wrong with Mitchell Killgower. He’s not so tough. Underneath them smouldering looks and icy demeanour beats a heart to make you melt. At least something will be wet by the end of the novel.

By that I mean if a ‘good man who needs saving from himself’ don’t bring a tear to your eye then you are no Brittany Carter – not matter how smexy and gorgeous you are – ‘darling!’

Brittany is a struggling historical romance writer and no simpering virgin. Like most good-looking modern women in their mid-twenties, she’s had her fair share of men; all of them disappointments.

The book opens when a stranger called Morte stops Brittany for her autograph. Or so she thinks.

To be honest she’s not taking much notice. The girl’s got a lot on her mind. Off to straighten out her finances with some crap-head she used to date – he took everything but somehow managed to leave her name on a mortgage he’s not paying.

Morte’s weird, more stalker than fan. As his ominous warning about making the right choice rings in her ears, lightning strikes him. Brittany does the decent thing: calls an ambulance; helps Morte live.

Wrong choice!

Next thing Brittany wakes up in a sixteen year boy’s dusty bed. Wound tight as a cheese wire garrotte, she desperately plays it cool, frantically struggling to keep herself together while figuring out what the hell happened?

The boy’s furious. Handsome dad’s furious too. Not with her; with each other.

All the while she’s praying it’s a nightmare and she’ll wake up. Gradually it dawns. She’s somehow travelled through time, back to 1765 to be precise. To a crumbling stately home in Georgian England and the middle of a bitter inheritance feud between handsome rakish father and puritan unloved son, and with a cow of a sister-in-law holding the purse strings and fuelling the whole debacle.

The Writer and the Rake starts at 100 miles an hour and never flags. It is an unrelenting tour de force; a dazzling pas-de-deux of searing wit and laugh out loud moments between Brittany and Mitchell. The frisson between them is tangible, popping and fizzing across the pages as they slog it out to gain the upper hand, only to have the other snatch it back.

Despite wanting to return to her own time Brittany can’t take her eyes off Mitchell; while he can’t keep his hands off her behind. So, what about Morte? Don’t worry, he’s there too. Intent on sealing his Faustian bargain.

When Mitchell sees Morte with Brittany, he’s jealous as hell of her secret lover. It’s just the spark they need for scorching emotions to boil over into reckless sex. Even if you don’t smoke, you’ll be reaching for that post-coital cigarette Brittany can never have because she ran out in the first few days.

Casual sex has consequences. Hell, Brittany knows that. But she’s not prepared for what they are. Ok it’s not the first time she’s woken in a strange bed. But this one’s oddly familiar. She’s leapfrogged forward to her own time to find she’s been missing for weeks, presumed kidnapped, and her books are now best sellers.


Morte picks his moment to explain it all; a drunken night out with the girls. Apparently she’s a time mutant – the mother of a dynasty. Shame she’s too pissed to take it in.

Talk about sealed with a kiss. One drunken snog with some bloke in the club and Brittany’s back to Mitchell’s crumbling house. Only one thing for it, seduce Mitchell and use the ride of her life to hitchhike through the centuries back to her duly deserved fame and fortune.

Here lies the rub.

Mitchell’s the man she wants, the one she’s been waiting for all her life. She knows it from the moment he sweeps her up in his strong arms and drops her on his big old bed. From the second he unbuttons her bodice, and she his breeches. If only he was from her time. If, if, if…

If this is her last kiss; the last time she can make love for fear of ricocheting through the ages with every orgasm, then there is no one she would rather do it with.

Life’s never that simple, is it Brittany? Not with destiny calling… loud and clear.

The Writer and the Rake is a genre-bending adventure. It confirms Shehanne Moore as an author who know today’s woman is as likely to be into science fiction, playing computer games or watching light porn as reading heavy romance. And Moore’s not afraid to give her readers what they want … without ifs, buts or apologies.

The dialogue is racy, witty and thoroughly modern. This is no cod 18th century comedy of manners. That would get in the way of the lust and punishing pace. Her characters are real: gritty, decent and flawed as the rest of us. And ultimately, as redeemable by love we all are. Though it’s bloody hard work for them sometimes!

And in case you are thinking this is just for the girls, I’d advise you to give it a shot, lads. Cos let’s face it… it does no harm knowing what your woman wants.

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21 thoughts on “The Writer and the Rake

  1. Reply D. Wallace Peach Aug 2,2017 12:28 am

    Great review, Paul. What a hoot. I know that Sheshanne writes “raunch” which normally wouldn’t be my thing, but how can anyone resist this book after that exciting review?! It sounds mighty fun and I do like dynamo characters. Thanks so much for pointing me to a great read. 😀

    • Reply Paul Aug 3,2017 12:55 am

      Diana one of the things about Shey’s writing is that it works on so many levels. A lot of them are comic, ranging from farce to rapier like wit in the dialogue. On the surface Brittany plays a modern parody of the bosom heaving heroine found in romance novels but the girl is sharp and no victim (despite the fact she would not thank you for letting that cat out of the bag!) While she is often lost and vulnerable (but putting on a front hard as non-chip nail varnish) it is actually Mitchell who is much more vulnerable, needing a good woman to save him. Brittany resists that role with every fibre of her being while all she wants is a good man to save. It really is a turn around on the whole genre. I suspect some readers would not get this and read it entirely straight but Shey is extremely widely read and knows exactly what she is doing. It witty and fast with the characters freely diving into every pit fall head first. And in this modern age, while steamy for a romance novel the raunchiness steers an accomplished path by being both reasonably graphic yet tasteful. Have a go I am sure you will enjoy it. Parts had me laughing out loud!

  2. Reply Shehanne Moore Jun 26,2017 12:39 pm

    Die Erste Eslarner. Hugs for the reblog

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  5. Reply Shehanne Moore Jun 19,2017 12:20 am

    Paul, I need to up the money in the post… Triple what we agreed I’d say. Seriously thank you. So long as I got her state of mind across and you liked it I am happy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Reply Shehanne Moore Jun 19,2017 12:18 am

    Aw Paul and Christy,…okay…the money is in the post…. Seriously thank you both Yah made my day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Reply Shehanne Moore Jun 19,2017 12:16 am

    I love this review Robbie. Paul is indeed an amazing reviewer xxxx

  8. Reply Shehanne Moore Jun 19,2017 12:15 am

    Paul…. You never are that. LOL. So funny. Decking myself here x

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  10. Reply Robbie Cheadle Jun 18,2017 7:06 pm

    A simply marvellous review of Shey’s book, Paul. You are an amazing writer and reviewer.

  11. Reply Christy B Jun 18,2017 6:57 pm

    Excellent review, Paul! I am a long-time fan of Shehanne’s, both in terms of her books and her witty blog. I like that you point out her female characters are bold and apologetically so. Cheers to great writing – and by that I mean both Shehanne’s new book and also Paul’s review of it!

    • Reply Paul Jun 18,2017 11:45 pm

      Thanks Christy for that lovely comment. It is easy to write a review when you are enthralled by the book your are reading.

  12. Reply Shehanne Moore Jun 18,2017 6:57 pm

    I am sure they are delighted with this. Paul has totally ‘got’ them xxxxx

  13. Reply Shehanne Moore Jun 18,2017 9:49 am

    Paul, I don’t know about Brit’n Mitch, or indeed the hamstah dudes, but I am blown away by your review and all your support. You know you have brought a tear to me eye with this. Thank you, THANK YOU for everything, you wonderful guy you xxxxx

    • Reply Paul Jun 18,2017 11:47 pm

      Dear Shey honestly dont thank me you know what a miserable curmudgeon I am.. If I hadn’t loved it wild horses wouldn’t have dragged a review out of me!!!!

  14. Reply sally cronin Jun 18,2017 9:29 am

    Brilliant review Paul and definitely a “go get the book” piece.. I am sure whichever time zone Brittany and Mitchell are currently in they will be delighted.

    • Reply Paul Jun 18,2017 11:51 pm

      Dear Sally I am so glad you were taken with it. Shey’s writing is very bold and this book is particularly edgy and fast as it reflects Brittany’s frame of mind. It certainly is a must read piece not only as a bloody good novel but also makes you think about writing as you read it. It certainly swept me up and gave me a good shake!

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