The Truth about Fairies 2


Front Page of Mr Grin's original notes

Front Page of Mr Grin’s original notes

‘Although fairies are often presented as having supernatural powers, they are not supernatural beings. They are not the cute little things with gossamer wings. Celtic legend makes it perfectly clear that except for their extraordinary magical abilities and long lives, fairies are much the same as us. And so they should be. For fairies are our cousins.’

‘Highly volatile creatures of impulse, they use magic, which they call glamour, to alter the appearance of things; the appearance but not the substance. This is why at cockcrow, or when the spell is broken, fairy gold vanishes; the young and beautiful fairy queen becomes old and crooked; their palaces turn into hovels or caves, and their sumptuous feasts crumble to leaves and muck… Their magic is nothing more than fooling others into seeing what is not there.’

Read all of Mr. Grin’s intriguing lecture by clicking the picture of the front page of his notes above. Or read Mr Grin’s essays exploring the history of the the Fairy Races through myth by clicking the book below.

Fairies: a Hidden History

Fairies: a Hidden History

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