The Moon & Endymion 2


Dawn and the weary Moon rest her head upon the shoulder of Mount Latmus in Turkey

Dawn & the weary Moon rests upon the shoulder of Mount Latmus

When the Moon Goddess, Selene, saw the handsome shepherd Endymion, she became so sick with love she thought of naught but him and threatened to abandon her never-ending journey through the night sky. Fearful, the other gods put Endymion into an eternal sleep and hid him in a cave on Mount Latmus. Searching in vain for her lost love, Selene wept a lake. The lake, now called Bafa Golu, still exists today. It’s water, slightly salty, still tastes of the Moon’s bitter tears.

It is an October dawn over Lake Bafa in Southern Turkey and the morning star, Lucifer, looks like a fireball in the sky. I don’t know what it is about Turkey, but in the pre-dawn light the planet Venus looks huge. The first time I saw it I thought it was a UFO or a comet bringing the end of the world. While the sky, lit with streaks of rose, lemon and pistachio, has the colours of Turkish Delight.


Ann Louise Girodet - Sommeil_Endymion

Ann Louise Girodet – Sommeil_Endymion


Moon Visits Endymion on Mount Latmus - John Atkinson Grimshaw

Moon Visits Endymion on Mount Latmus – John Atkinson Grimshaw

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