October 17 Pt 2: Storming the Winter Palace 14

October 17 Pt 2: Storming the Winter Palace
  Read Part 1 October 17 In May 1917 when Trotsky arrived in Petersburg from New York, after spending a month interned by the British, he did not immediately join Lenin’s Bolsheviks. As a Marxist, Trotsky was suspicious of Lenin, who he rightly viewed as an ambitious radical intent on exploiting a popular mass movement ...

October 17 18

October 17
  In the 1720s Peter the Great sought to modernise Russia, but the aristocracy and his successors were traditionalists who believed God appointed them to rule. Due to its vast size, poor infrastructure and virtually subsistence agricultural economy, Russia essentially remained a medieval Byzantine kingdom under an absolutist Tsar and mortgaged nobility. By the early ...

Mister Marx’s Beautiful Daughter 28

Mister Marx’s Beautiful Daughter
This is not about the co-founder of Marks and Spencer’s. There’s more to life than shopping! Nor about Groucho… Harpo… Chico… Zeppo… It’s Karl! Karl Marx? Honestly, it’s like getting blood from a stone! Karl Marx was born in Prussia in 1818. After failing at fiction he turned to essay writing particularly economic and political ...
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