The Pool of Salmacis 12

The Pool of Salmacis
    Hephaestus, the club-footed blacksmith god was thrown down from Olympus after his mother, Hera, rejected him because he was deformed. Needless to say Hephaestus’ skill with forging weapons was so great, the Olympian gods needed him long before he needed them. To soften his heart Zeus, gave Hephaestus Aphrodite as his bride. The ...

The Moon & Endymion 2

The Moon & Endymion
  When the Moon Goddess, Selene, saw the handsome shepherd Endymion, she became so sick with love she thought of naught but him and threatened to abandon her never-ending journey through the night sky. Fearful, the other gods put Endymion into an eternal sleep and hid him in a cave on Mount Latmus. Searching in ...
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