Thomas the Rhymer

Thomas the Rhymer
  I was recently lucky enough to be interviewed by Sally Cronin. At the end of the interview, my good friend Sue asked a thought provoking question: what drew me to the ideas behind Thomas the Rhymer? To be honest Sue’s incisive question left me realising I have forgotten a lot about why I ...

Bolan’s Millions 6

Bolan's Millions
  I first came across Marc Bolan when I heard my best friend’s older brother playing Tyrannosaurus Rex’s third album Unicorn. I was instantly smitten by this unworldly voice, warbling incomprehensible lyrics to chords bashed out on an old acoustic, accompanied by fevered bongos and tinkling pixiephone. The few words I understood hinted at arcane ...

Thomas the Rhymer Review 6

Thomas the Rhymer Review
Thomas the Rhymer Book Review by Sally Cronin Challenge your senses with a rival to Harry Potter After 60 odd years of reading it is easy to get into bad habits. By this I mean sticking to the tried and tested with regard to genres and authors. This is not healthy when you are a ...
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