Stuff 32

  Brethren, on this first holy day of the holidays (if indeed not the most sacred day of the season), Blessed Black Friday, let us take time to ponder the true meaning of Christmas. In the words of that joyous song praising all that Christmas is, let us remember… I think I’ve gone to hell, ...

Islands 2 of 5 Songs with Meaning 6

Islands 2 of 5 Songs with Meaning
Day 2 ‘Islands’ King Crimson – Islands This is a round robin where people choose 5 meaningful songs posted 1 a day. It goes like this…. Sue Vincent: music-that-means-something-day-1-leonard-cohen nominated Sally Cronin: music-that-means-something-challenge-day-1-younger-than-springtime-south-pacific/ who nominated me…  No link necessary. You’re reading it. Earth, stream and tree encircled by sea Waves sweep the sand from my ...
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