The Pool of Salmacis 12

The Pool of Salmacis
    Hephaestus, the club-footed blacksmith god was thrown down from Olympus after his mother, Hera, rejected him because he was deformed. Needless to say Hephaestus’ skill with forging weapons was so great, the Olympian gods needed him long before he needed them. To soften his heart Zeus, gave Hephaestus Aphrodite as his bride. The ...

Philemon & Baucis 8

Philemon & Baucis
As gods do, Zeus and Hermes decided to test humanity. Probably they were just trying to prove what an all-round disappointment we are. Justifying themselves for not really giving a crap about us poor schmucks below, while they’re living the high life on top of Mount Olympus – no pun intended. Disguised as dusty, weary ...

Echo and Narcissus – A Moral Tale 2

Echo and Narcissus – A Moral Tale
  “Tis spring when a young man’s fancy turns to love!” Imagine living in world without mirrors, never even catching your reflection while passing a window. The most you might see is a distorted image in a disk of polished bronze or a dim unrecognised face peering back at you from the depths of a ...
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