The Spear of Destiny 16

The Spear of Destiny
  John’s Gospel records during the crucifixion, a Roman centurion pierced Christ’s side with his spear causing blood and water to spill out of the wound. The centurion is unnamed, but tradition claims he was called Longinus. Early Christians believed he was the same centurion who saw the empty tomb after the resurrection and cried ...

Who are the Conquerors? 2

Who are the Conquerors?
Pierre Fritel’s 1892 painting shows history’s most famous generals marching through a valley stacked with corpses. READ: The Conquerors (for more about the painting) In the centre is Julius Caesar. On his right (in the background) we glimpse Hannibal of Carthage; then Attila the Hun, Tamberlane, and Rameses II. On the far side is Napoleon, ...
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