Pornography: the Writing’s on the Wall 1

Up Pompeii _ Titter ye not!

Up Pompeii _ Titter ye not!

Allegedly, we all love a bit of porn right?

Steady on… I said allegedly… ALLEGEDLY!

But if you do love a bit of the old porn, then try this on for size.

The word pornography comes from the Latin…

Porna – prostitute

and the Greek…

Graphien – to write

So it is literally the writings of prostitutes…

In ancient cities like Pompeii they found graffiti (literally little writings – scribbles if you like) from working girls advertising their wares… “Like Big Bosoms?- 2 doors up – ask for Brenda!”

Ok you’ve got me… it was more like 2 doors up – ask for Calpurnica… but you get the drift.

More years ago than I care to remember, you could not open a public telephone box in London without being buried by an avalanche of  not so discrete business cards advertising: ‘French mistress – private lessons’ or even ‘Model’.

Not so discrete business cards in an old London Phone-box

Not so discrete business cards in an old London phone-box

Personally, I doubt those who claim to have seen cards saying: “Like Antiques? Inspect my Beautiful Chest!” But I suppose anything is possible in this wicked old world of ours.

All I can say for sure is that in the intervening 2,000 years, and all those miles between Pompeii and London, the only thing that has not changed is people.


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