On the Death of Gods 2


In the first month of the sixteenth year of the second millennium after the incarnation of the Christ, a sailor travelling through the Straights of Paxi to the north of Corfu, on his way to Italy, heard a disembodied voice from the land rolling over the waters.

‘Thamus are you there?” it called out to him. ‘Is that you?’

After timorously confirming it was indeed he, the voice continued,

‘When you reach your destination, speak to the gathered multitudes and tell them: Hear this and weep, let groans and lamentations shake the earth’s foundations for the great Bowie is dead!’

2 thoughts on “On the Death of Gods

  1. Reply Paul Jan 27,2017 12:35 am

    Read about the death of Pan at the end of the post

  2. Reply Paul Jan 10,2017 3:12 pm

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