Magic is Science : The Future is now

The future is now

The future is now

The world follows the laws of nature. Otherwise weird and wonderful things would happen all the time. We can guarantee pigs can’t fly – until we see a flying pig. Because sometimes, maybe one in a hundred million, something inexplicable happens; in short something miraculous.

We all have an astounding tale. Maybe we knew what someone would say before they said it, or we had premonition of something. Perhaps we saw a strange phenomenon; a rain of frogs or fish, a ghostly apparition, a poltergeist, a visitation, an impossible beast.

Or perhaps it was levitation, telepathy, psychokinesis, someone in two places at once, or with stigmata. Sometimes terminal diseases are cured or people spontaneously combust. Just because something is horrible doesn’t make it less miraculous.

Then there are scientific anomalies reported in newspapers. Articles that maddeningly you cannot find anything more details about; like how music played under an aircraft’s wings reduces the fuel it needs for take-off.

Given the world must obey the laws of nature. And given strange things do occur. Perhaps we don’t understand the world as well as we claim to.

So what. That’s not new. Science continually updates theories to fit new evidence. It needs to. In this day and age the world changes in leaps and bounds.

Ten years ago someone talking to no one was mad. Now they are hands free on a mobile phone.

The last centuries have turned miracles into everyday occurrences: steam trains, cars, jets, space travel; telephones, television, radio; satellites, computers, 3-D printers, the internet; electricity giving light and heat at the flick of a switch; microwave ovens; antibiotics, vaccinations, gene sequencing; nuclear energy, atomic bombs and quantum physics – with theories so far-fetched they defy everything we believe is normal.

Technology keeps getting smaller and more energy efficient. Mobile phones were once the size of a house brick – and were just to make calls on. Once cumbersome batteries are the size of a fingernail and last for years.

A century ago, Nikola Tesla experimented with beaming electricity from huge masts so that electrical appliances could work anywhere without needing to be plugged in or charged.

We now look forward to a future where anything is possible: artificial intelligence, robots designing robots, self-replicating nano-machines – able to create anything from nothing.

And who knows what’s in store for us as we continue to crack genetics – perfect beauty, perfect health, perpetual youth and perhaps even eternal life.

It is like the old occultist Horatio Grin once said… “Magic is just technology we have yet to master.”

Horatio Grin - Occultist

Horatio Grin – Occultist

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