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Lilith- Armand O’Meara

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Jewish folklore says Adam had a wife before Eve. Her name was Lilith. She was made at the same time as Adam. According to the book of Genesis: “God created mankind in the divine image, male and female God created them.” Yet, if you remember, in the 2nd Chapter of Genesis, Adam’s wife Eve was created later, from his rib.

In Jewish folklore, rather than submit to Adam’s will, Lilith fled the Garden of Eden for the wilderness. There she took up with the Archangel Samael, whose name means Venom of God; an accuser, seducer and destroyer who is also the Archangel of Death. When God sent angels to bring her to heel, Lilith refused. So God created Eve in recompense for Adam’s loss. Eve he made from Adam’s rib, or side (the Hebrew word means either), to ensure her subservience.

Lilith was not above returning to the garden for revenge. In serpent form, she tempted Eve to pluck and eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Reading the story in another way, perhaps Lilith by offering the fruit to Eve simply intended to liberate her successor from blind, unwitting bondage. Yet her defiant act backfired. As God banished the sinners, He took care to make woman subservient to her husband.

Lilith as serpent tempts Adam & Eve (Raphael: Sistine Chapel

In Jewish myth Lilith became a female demon, and was identified with the screech owl. She devoured new-born boys and seized men at night as they slept alone. Her name means ‘night creature’ and encompasses being hag ridden, nightmares, and all forms of night terrors.

It is likely Lilith predates Jewish folklore by millennia. Blood sucking female demons with similar names to Lilith were know in ancient Sumer and Babylon, where they often took the form of birds, or beautiful women with bird’s legs and wings. Much of this part of the Genesis story is believed to derive from Sumer. In the more ancient Epic of Gilgamesh the Goddess Inanna has a tree with a serpent in living in its roots, a bird in its boughs and a female demon in its trunk.

Babylonian Goddess thought to be Lilith (Wikipedia)

The Ancient Greeks knew Lilith as Empusa, a daughter of the witch goddess Hecate, with flaming red hair and wearing brass high heeled shoes. Empusa seduced young men as they slept before feasting on their blood. The Romans called her Lamia and claimed her lower half was a serpent. In addition to seducing young men and drinking their blood, she also devoured children. Later she became the bird-like strix, from the word ‘to scream’; a name still given to owls in Romania.

Lamia- Artist Unknown

Christians claimed Lilith was the first succubus – a female demon who visits sleeping men to steal their seed. She became the queen of witches and the mother of vampires. Romanian folklore is quite explicit about the link between witches and female vampires. And let me tell you, there are some very strange female vampires that haunt the male imagination.

Moravian vampires only attack while naked. Albanian vampires wear high heel shoes. The Roma Gypsies believe female vampires can lead an ordinary life and even marry. But will eventually kill their husbands with their insatiable sexual desires.

The story of Lilith and her brood illustrates a very ancient deep-seated fear of female sexuality. The ancient Greeks and Romans thought women, not men, were the voracious sexual predator of the species; as shown in the story of the nymph Salmacis. They believed a man’s blood and semen contained Vir (the root of the modern word virility), a quality of health and strength which women drained; unmanning a man and leaving him weak, or worse feminine.

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  2. Reply Tina Frisco Feb 22,2017 12:55 am

    Throughout patriarchy, all things female have been demonized. More than a deep-seated fear of female sexuality is a deep-seated fear of female power, as female power lies in birthing and procreating. Woman can procreate via parthenogenesis, though this ability has been lost through the ages. The Earth is female ~ round and continually renewing herself. The male would not and could not exist without the female. Instead of fearing this, being grateful would far better serve humankind; especially since all of us chose where and when to be born, and into which gender to incarnate. We chose all of this in order to learn specific lessons. To deny, discredit, and demonize the female is to inflict the same on life itself…

    • Reply Paul Feb 23,2017 7:41 pm

      Tina you are so right with this. I have never been able to understand why society descended into patriarchy…I think your last line To deny, discredit, and demonize the female is to inflict the same on life itself… is probably the reason why the world is as it is. I would much rather see a return to the happy easy ways of the Goddess, a less selfish and materialistic world, and a more nurturing frame of mind.

  3. Reply Robbie Cheadle Feb 11,2017 6:08 pm

    A fascinating post. I didn’t know any of this so I learned a lot of new information.

  4. Reply Colin Berry Feb 10,2017 7:42 am

    Fascinating. But will this comment appear? (The one I posted to your “Turin Shroud” posting immediately preceding this is still “awaiting moderation”!)

    • Reply Paul Feb 12,2017 1:16 am

      Colin mate, I have given myself a well deserved and severe slap on the wrist.

      My apologies for keeping you waiting and thank you so much for bothering, not only once but twice. It’s appreciated

  5. Reply Sally cronin Feb 9,2017 7:08 pm

    Well that was enlightening.. I have to say that I have met a few minxes in my time but that Lilith takes the crown.. no wonder she was dropped from certain religions.. Eve was obviously seen as the lesser of two evils.. As high heels were one of the tell tell signs of this demon I shall play better attention to the photographs of celebs who all seem to wear Lamboutins with red soles.. is that perhaps the mark we should be aware of. As always Paul a stunning article fit to curdle the blood… and with Valentines coming up a warning to the unwary…… brilliant.

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