Finn Mac Cool

Finn Mac Cool

Rude, crude and funny, explicitly sexual and disturbingly violent, Finn Mac Cool is strictly adults only.


Ireland … fifteen years in the future & fifteen hundred years in the past

Ireland … where myths are real & gods & heroes walk 

Ireland … where fairies drive trucks & live in inflated domes

Ireland … where a mad priest & a brutal king squabble over a nuclear weapon

Ireland … where druids are doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers &… tricksters

Ireland … where a drug fueled orgy passes for religion

Ireland … where women are worshiped as goddesses & treated like crap

Ireland … where an ancient war between North & South echoes a troubled past

Ireland is quarantined for decade after a terrible plague. The few survivors are trapped in a drug-induced nightmare, forced to recycled Ireland’s legendary past. Believing a stolen nuclear missile is the Sun-god’s invincible weapon, they long to break free.

Enter Finn, soldier and outsider, who has come to disarm the weapon and kill the only man who can use it. But destiny has dealt another hand.

Erin believes he is Finn Mac Cool – here to kill the tyrant King Conor Mac Nessa of Ulster and free Great Queen Maeve – Ireland’s true ruler & Erin’s dying mother.

When the druids kidnap him, planning to mold him into the hero of their prophecy who saves the world by destroying it, Erin goes looking for Finn. She needs Finn to kill Conor Mac Nessa before her mother’s dream of a free Ireland dies with her. As the world falls apart around her, Erin is drawn her ever-deeper into the madness of Ireland’s ancient mythological landscape. A place where…

… dream and reality merge

… a man’s fate was written fifteen hundred years before he was born

… books are legends & a library a myth

… people hate Christians for defying the gods

… phony druids use real magic

… the vicious dead rampage through abandoned cities

What’s been said about Finn Mac Cool?

Finn Mac Cool puts a stick of dynamite in your head & blows your mind.

Unique. There is nothing out there like it.

If you are fascinated by your Irish ancestry, or just intrigued with Celtic myth…

If you enjoy edgy, adult fantasy: crude, rude, violent, sexy and funny.  Read Finn Mac Cool

Finn Mac Cool speaks of things no decent Christian ought to know. YOU ARE WARNED!

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Publicity poster for Finn Mac Cool featuring Finn Erin and Dermot


Sent as an assassin to Ireland, the druids mold Finn into the prophesied saviour Finn Mac Cool. His dog Tuan Mac Carrell helps resurrect the old legend of Finn & his Fenians as werewolves


After being brutally imprisoned Erin must choose between personal happiness & her destiny as Goddess and Great Queen. She agrees to legitimise Finn’s reign through marriage – even though she can’t stand him. No wonder she looks angry. Erin has short hair because her head was shaved when confined to a nunnery.


Finn Mac Cool’s best friend  Dermot O’ Dyna is the novel’s true hero. Guileless, courageous & loyal, he comes to a  sticky end when he takes up with Gronya – a woman Finn considers his rightful property. Dermot’s death completes the Fenian myth cycle propelling Finn to the throne of Ireland & ultimately a chance at redemption.



Conor Mac Nessa King of Ulster posing in front of a photo of himself as a young man

King Conor Mac Nessa King of Ulster poses in front of a photo of himself as a young man. Conor Mac Nessa was a British Army Officer in Belfast before the plague.Because of  infection  the World Health Organisation would not send relief workers. Using the remnants of the armed forces to impose order & provide relief, they unwittingly sowed the seeds of  civil war between the military & the free Irish under Great Queen Maeve.


A young idealistic Conor Mac Nessa before the Troubles



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