Shoot that poison arrow to my heart*

Shoot that poison arrow to my heart*

Hands up anyone who thinks they can recognise the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus, London?

Put your hands down now… because it isn’t Eros! It’s his brother Anteros

No, I didn’t know that either.

Did we really believe those prudish Victorians would raise a statue to the god of desire and sexual attraction? Whose very name gave us the word… erotic?

Eros was a bit of heartbreaker – firing his arrows to make you fall in love with people who couldn’t care less if you lived or died. Let’s face it we’ve all got that tee-shirt!

Anteros, on the other hand, was an all-round nice guy. The god of requited, or returned, love only let fly when sure two people really loved each other.

So to sum up…

Eros was the one you’d want to take on spring break, or on a week of boozing and shagging in Ayia Napa or Ibiza. While Anteros was the one you’d want to marry when you got home.


* the caption isn’t me getting all miserable, it’s a quote from the song ‘Poison Arrow’ by ABC from their debut 1982 LP ‘The Lexicon of Love’ . The perfect mix of 80’s high camp & fab pop.

And if you like that try: ‘The look of Love’

Hip, hip, hooray!

Yippee-ki, yippee-ki yay!


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