An Occult Creation Myth 3

Hermes as The Magus from the Crowley Tarot

Hermes as The Magus from the Crowley Tarot

In his book ‘Initiation to the Metaverse’, Horatio Grin discusses the legendary Liber Hermeticus Trimegistus (Book of Hermes Thrice Great) – a 6th century compilation of magical and alchemic works attributed to Hermes – the Ancient Greek messenger god identified with Thoth, the Egyptian bird-headed god of writing and magic.

The Hermeticus Trimegistus is a collection of Greek, Hebrew, Syriac and Coptic (ancient Egyptian written in the Greek alphabet) manuscripts. It unites elements from the Jewish Cabala; Gnostics – early Christian heretics; Egyptian and Babylonian Magi; and the ancient mystery cults of Eleusis, Orpheus and Pythagoras.

Mr Grin states his book was copied around 1570, from one presented to the Pope in 1494 by the Sultan of Constantinople Bayezid the Just. When the Jews were thrown out of Spain the previous year, the Sultan criticized the role the church played in expelling such useful citizens. In 1493, Jews set up the first printing press in Istanbul. The Pope’s printed book, translated into Latin from Arabic, appears to be a veiled rebuke.

The book’s creation story shows how the different philosophies are blended into a coherent whole; when it says…

‘In his solitude God, desiring attendants to serve and adore Him, created angels from the light He divided from the darkness. He made choirs of angels, but only the malakhim and their chieftains, the Archangels, were of his image. As they were like God, they thought themselves as gods and muttered rebellion against their creator, until God cast out the proud Nephilim.

Lucifer Fallen  by George Grie

Lucifer Fallen by George Grie

Anguished, God created the Djinn from smokeless fire when he made the sun to shine in the day and the moon to light the night. He gave them the limits of the sky and measureless burning sand. Like the malakhim God made Djinn in His image and gave them free will, and like those before, they defied their maker.

Djinn (from Arabian Nights) Kai Neilsen

Djinn (from Arabian Nights) Kai Neilsen

Like humans Djinn live together; they eat, marry and die; have tribes, kings and armies. Being of subtle fire, as many djinn can live within a single tiny crevice as are angels upon the head of a pin.

Although neither good nor evil, djinn have power and knowledge. A magician may press them into service with incantations found in the most famous of grimoires, the Clavicle of Solomon.

On the day God separated the firmament from the waters, he made the undine; to inhabit the ocean stream. Unlike His earlier creations, God made them without the ability to disobey. This is why the undine are not featured among the other three sapient beings.

A placid race, they are enamoured of man, envying his free-will and immortal soul. When they die their bodies decay into sea foam. For such reason, they often seduce mortal men tempting them to dwell with them in the deeps.   

Undine - Arthur Rackham

Undine – Arthur Rackham

Finally, God created man from the mud of the firmament and His spit. He made man Golem, a thing of clay without life. Relenting at sight of  His perfect handiwork, He whispered life into him, so that His breath and His Word dwells within man.

Thus man received what God had denied to the angels, djinn and undine, part of His divinity, called by the ignorant, the soul. This is why God loves man above all.’


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    Thank you Paul for the good read.
    You are my !impeccable! viewer, the one that I mention in my notes – “I do not force my comprehension of a picture or push philosophical opinion about it on viewers. You are free absolutely to interpret or translate my artwork the way that is close to you only. My views or even existence should not bother you. It is actually, entirely your job to build picture concepts based on your personal knowledge, world perception, preferences, and sensitivity.”

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      A compliment indeed George. Thanks mate!

      Excelsior as Stan Lee would say!

      And dear readers…
      Check out George’s amazing artwork! It’s a dream in every sense of the word

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    Fall of Lucifer

    Image by George Grie.

    Go on treat yourself and check out his website

    Cheers Paul

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