A Humanist Manifesto? 2

Man who Fell to Earth

Man who Fell to Earth*

This quote is Nicholas Roeg’s response to a reporter who asked about David Bowie’s huge coke habit during the time he was directing Bowie in the ‘Man Who Fell to Earth’.

“You can’t reason someone out of anything. I am not into the guilt thing or trying to cure anyone of our humanity. Everybody has a sense of shame, guilt, secret happiness, accusation or praise. There are certain things I would not want to know about someone anyway, and I wouldn’t want them to know certain things about me. You have to live with yourself first.”

A pretty cool mantra for getting through life, I think.

I would also like to add one tiny point of my own…

If you hear people are talking behind your back, take the moral high ground. You don’t need to know what they’re saying. We all say stupid unreasonable crap we don’t mean behind other people’s backs. And we’re all totally mortified when they find out about it and confront us.

So why get offended when others dish the same dirt we do?

After all we’re only human – except for Thomas Jerome Newton obviously.

*Hand-tinted B&W still from Man Who Fell to Earth – Andruss

(referencing Low & Brian Ward’s hand-tinted Hunky Dory & Ziggy Stardust LP covers)


Bowie draws Kabbalah Tree of Life, Photograph by Steve Schapiro in LA,1974 Station to Station

Bowie draws Kabbalah Tree of Life, Photograph by Steve Schapiro, 1974 – Station to Station


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