A Fairy Poem by Jack Hughes 12

Poem About Fairies by Jack Hughes age 11


Poem by Jack Hughes aged 11 & fairy illustrations are by his friend Catherine.

Catherine sent it to the school magazine.

It wasn’t published


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12 thoughts on “A Fairy Poem by Jack Hughes

  1. Reply D. Wallace Peach Jan 21,2018 7:55 pm

    That’s so creative, Paul. A terrible problem for poor Jack. 🙁

    • Reply Paul Jan 21,2018 11:35 pm

      Than you Diana on behalf of Jack… and don’t feel too sorry for Jack he’s already got 3 books out of it… on the condition he gets to star in the movies should there be any (a Daniel Radcliffe fixation I’m afraid)… although at the current rate of progress he will be old enough to play Jack’s Dad! Px

  2. Reply Tina Frisco Jan 20,2018 4:13 am

    Wonderful poem and illustrations, Paul. I wonder why it wasn’t published in the school magazine… Adults! Sometimes they just don’t get it 🙂 ❤

    • Reply Paul Jan 21,2018 11:38 pm

      Thank you Tina… and to be honest, the Headmistress and the school secretary did look quite shocked when he blurted it out in school…I think his exact words were they had disbelief written all over their faces (They were either his exact words or mine. You know what is is like. You live with your characters for that long sometimes you forget where you end and they begin!) Px

  3. Reply Shehanne Moore Jan 19,2018 12:59 pm

    Paul, sorry not to be here before. But what a great idea. Jack is a clever lad xx

    • Reply Paul Jan 21,2018 11:40 pm

      Don’t be daft Shey! Thanks for visiting.. Listen Jack is a clever lad I remember him working on the poem every evening for months walking home from work… I mean school… Yes school. That’s what I mean! School! Glad you liked it!!Love PXXX

  4. Reply sally cronin Jan 15,2018 10:32 pm

    Jack has it nailed Paul.. poor lad seeing his brother taken.. great promo for the book.. xx

  5. Reply Denzil Jan 15,2018 6:47 am

    Chilling! This little chap knows more about fairies than is good for us to know!

    • Reply Paul Jan 15,2018 7:41 pm

      Thanks Denzil… I know poor Jack!! Unfortunately it is one of the consequences of being a character in a novel!!!!! Cheers yr m8 Paul

  6. Reply Robbie Cheadle Jan 15,2018 5:14 am

    A most awesome poem, Paul. An one that I think warrants a response this coming weekend [smile].

    • Reply Paul Jan 15,2018 7:43 pm

      Thanks Robbie, I am really looking forward to your riposte! I have finally cleared the decks enough to get your stunning review on Jack huges books .com. Just in the process of loading it and sorting the pages out. I will do a post here for it too. Luv yr m8 Paul x

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