Rats to You too

Rats to You too
Genetic analysis shows that the rodents (rats & mice) are the closest living relatives to the primates (monkeys and us). So next time just think on, but for an accident of evolution it could be them standing on a chair screaming while you scurry across the kitchen floor.

Mother of God 1

Mother of God
The National Geographic Magazine recently ran a cover story about ‘The Most Powerful Woman in the World.’ It was Mary, the mother of Jesus. A woman, who barely speaks in the bible, has been venerated for more than a millennium by billions of Catholics. As a woman, who conceived without sex, and who herself was ...

Echo and Narcissus – A Moral Tale 1

Echo and Narcissus – A Moral Tale
  “Tis spring when a young man’s fancy turns to love!” Imagine living in world without mirrors, never even catching your reflection while passing a window. The most you might see is a distorted image in a disk of polished bronze or a dim unrecognised face peering back at you from the depths of a ...

Psychopomp 1

Have you ever wondered what a psychopomp was? What do you mean no! If you think the fact you just don’t care is ever going to stop me telling you, then think again! A psychopomp is an animal or person that guides the newly dead to the afterlife. In Greek and Roman mythology it was ...